Pedro Antunes


2019: ERASMUS Teaching Scholarship. European Union. 2.000€
2018: Young science initiative for rangatahi. New Zealand: PTC Trust. The project engages year 9-11 Maori students in technology education. The collaboration brings about 100 Maori students to Victoria University of Wellington to engage in application design and development
2017–2019: R&D Student Fellowship (Julia Dakova). New Zealand: Callaghan Innovation. NZ$88.333. Principal Investigator
2017: Conference Organization (CSCWD 2017). New Zealand: IEEE. NZ$61.525. Organizer
2016: Smart People: Advancing Capabilities through Integrated intelligent technologies and applications. New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington. NZ$20.000. Principal Investigator
2013: Conference Organization (CRIWG 2013). New Zealand. NZ$12.050. Organizer
2012–2014: Simulated Task Environment for Collaborative Systems Evaluation. Portugal: FCT (PTDC/EIA-EIA/117058/2010). 70.225€. Principal Investigator
2011–2012: Strategic Project - UI 408. Portugal: FCT (PEst-OE/EEI/UI0408/2011). 259.998€. Principal Investigator
2010–2011: InSiThe (In-Situ Therapy Support). Portugal: FCT (PTDC/EIA-EIA/103676/2008)
2010–2011: SACIM (Situation Awareness in Critical Incident Management). Portugal: FCT (PTDC/EIA-EIA/102875/2008). 62.706€. Principal Investigator
2009–2010: Implementation of ISO 9001:2008. Portugal: IFAP - Ministry of Agriculture, Portugal
2008–2018: Visiting Grant(s). Chile: University of Chile
2008–2010: Evaluating Mobile Shared Workspaces. Chile: Fondecyt (Proj. 1080352)
2008–2009: A Mobile Creativity Support Tool for Knowledge Management. Chile: Fondecyt (Proj. 1085010)
2008–2009: Implementation of global document management system. Portugal: IFAP - Ministry of Agriculture
2008–2009: Implementation of ISO 17799 / ISO 27001. Portugal: IFAP - Ministry of Agriculture
2008: Extension of data mining system. Portugal: DGPJ - General Division of Judicial Police, Ministry of Justice
2007–2009: A-CSCW (Attentive CSCW). Portugal: FCT (PTDC/EIA/67589/2006). 80.000€. Principal Investigator
2007–2008: SIIGMAC (Integrated Management System for the Alfredo da Costa Maternity). Portugal: POAP
2005–2008: E-Voting - A new Architectural Framework for Handling Risk in E-Voting Systems. Portugal: FCT (POSI/EIA/57038/2004). 88.000€. Principal Investigator
2005–2007: WrCK (Wearable Collaboration Kit). Portugal: FCT (REEQ/643/EEI/2005). 85.000€. Principal Investigator
2005–2006: JoinTS (Joint psychological Therapy Support). Portugal: FCT (POSI/EIA/62473/2004)
2004: Audit of Portuguese Electronic Voting Pilot developed for the 2004 Portuguese European Elections (Processo de auditoria à experiência piloto de voto electrónico presencial, facultativa e não vinculativa, nas Eleições Europeias de 13 de Junho de 2004). Portugal: UMIC. 6.000€. Principal Investigator 2003: Conference Grant. USA: Luso-American Foundation
2001–2002: Electronic Democracy. Portugal: FCT (POSI/SRI/34392/99). Team coordinator
2000–2003: MOOSCo (Multi-User Object-Oriented Environments with Separation of Concerns). Portugal: FCT (POSI/CHS/33127/99)
1997–1999: Cognitive Mapping of the Negotiation Processes. Portugal: FCT (PRAXIS/PCSH/P/PSI/77/96)
1996–1999: Decision and Creativity in Electronic and Natural Groups. Portugal: FCT (PRAXIS XXI 2/21/CSH/675/95). Team coordinator
1995–1999: SISCO. CYTED (Iberoamerican Program of Science and Technology for Development)
1994–1996: BROADCAST (ESPRIT Basic Research Action On Advanced Distributed Computing: from Algorithms to Systems). European Union (ESPRIT BRA 6360)
1994–1996: ORCHESTRA (Organizational Change, Evolution, Structuring and Awareness). European Union (ESPRIT 8749)
1989–1992: EUROMATH (European Mathematical Trust). European Union (CEC/DG XII - European Mathematical Trust)
1988–1989: COMANDOS (Conception and Management of Distributed Operating Systems). European Union (ESPRIT 834)
1988–1989: ESTIMULO. Portugal: JNICT (87634)
1988: SOMIW (Secured Open Multimedia Integrated Workstation). European Union (ESPRIT 367)